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Telescopic Cylinders

Product Data Sheet

Unparalleled Product Life

Delhoist telescopic cylinders or hoists are the highest quality telescopic cylinders in the world offering unparalleled product life.

Delta's founder, John White, invented the unitary construction of telescopic cylinder stages and has perfected this manufacturing process. This eliminates unreliable gland nuts or base plugs from the product and extends its life.

Delta was also the first telescopic cylinder manufacturer to hard chrome plate the cylinder stages, and continues to lead the world with chrome hardening techniques that extend the life of its Delhoist cylinders.

Delta also developed the twin-lip seal and the use of a flapped wiper that reduces and eliminates contamination such as dust and moisture from entering the cylinder, thereby increasing its life.

Single-Acting Telescopic Hoists or Cylinders

Delhoists are available as single-acting multi-stage hoists in a broad range of specifications. This type of cylinder applies hydraulic pressure in one direction only and the return of the telescopic stages is by load such as a truck-trailer.

Delhoist single-acting multi stage hoists are used widely throughout the transport sector, where they are used in tip trucks servicing agriculture, earthmoving, construction, food processing applications.

Double-Acting Telescopic Hoists or Cylinders

Delhoists are available as multi-acting multi-stage hoists in a broad range of specifications. This type of cylinder is constructed with porting to both the annular and full bore area so hydraulic pressure can be applied to both surfaces and the cylinder stages can move in multiple directions without the need of an outside force, such as gravity.

Delhoist double-acting multi-stage cylinders are used in a wide variety of applications across many industries where space restrictions prohibit the use of a rod cylinder and require a compact telescopic cylinder design.

Delhoists double-acting multi-stage cylinders are widely used in waste management sector in garbage and waste compactors, and in side-tippers agricultural and food processing applications as well as ejector hoists in underground mining equipment.

Constant Velocity Lift Cylinders

Delta manufactures telescopic cylinders that deliver force with controlled constant velocity. These cylinders are ideal for applications such as passenger lifts, or goods lifts, where there is a need to provide a smooth ride for comfort and safety control reasons.

Customised Telescopic Cylinders

Delta's sophisticated in-house design, engineering and end-to-end manufacturing capability enables us to develop customised single-acting or double-acting multi-stage telescopic hoists or cylinders for our customers.

We can build customised cylinders whether it is a one-off project or high production volume OEM product.

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