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Single Stage Cylinders

Delta manufacture single stage hydraulic rod cylinders in a wide variety of lengths, piston diameter and stroke. Our products range in size from 38mm bore /150mm stroke to 500mm bore with a 9,000mm stroke.

Delta manufactures both single acting and double acting single stage rod cylinders.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders have just one piston-head to which pressure is applied, meaning that its force is carried out in one direction and the return of the piston is either by its own weight, a load or an outside force.

Double acting rod cylinders are constructed with two opposed piston surfaces, meaning that they can work in two directions without reliance on an external force.

Our high quality single-stage rod cylinders are used in a wide variety of OEM applications, such lift, steer, tilt and ejection bucket applications in mining and earth moving loaders and trucks, mast cylinders for materials handling equipment and heave compensation cylinders for ocean exploration drilling vessels. Delta cylinders stand up to the rugged and corrosive environments of these applications.

We also provide cylinders for numerous industrial applications in the defence, energy, maritime and mining sectors.

For applications where the cylinder needs to operate in corrosive environments, Delta's cylinders can be chromed with Delta-C our proprietary corrosion resistant treatment that extends the life of the cylinder ten fold.

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