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Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers

Delta Hoses is a division of the Delta Hydraulics Group which has manufacturing plants in Australia and Thailand.

Delta Hoses manufactures and provides Just in Time delivery of hydraulic hoses for OEM clients where the product SKUs are high and daily manufacturing volumes are high.

Just in Time Delivery

Delta Hoses utilizes world best data management and manufacturing practices as well as point of use delivery stillages to provide true JIT delivery to increase inventory turn for its clients and drive their inventory holding cash flows and costs to a minimum.

Our main aim is to focus on Customer Satisfaction and deliver products on time. Primarily concerned on Safety and Quality, Delta is producing High quality Hose Assemblies following Caterpillar Production System along with Built in Quality.

Major Customers (Hose Assembly)

  • Caterpillar Underground Mining (UGM) - Thailand
  • Caterpillar Rayong Track - Type Tractor (CRTT) - Thailand
  • Elphinstone - Australia

Caterpillar SQEP – Platinum Certified for the year 2021


Caterpillar Product Range - Hose Assemblies

Type of Hose Assembly
Hydraulic Low Pressure
Hydraulic Medium Pressure
Hydraulic High Pressure
Hydraulic High Pressure XT
Hydraulic Plastic
Hydraulic PTFE
Hydraulic SS Braided
Hydraulic Hybrid

Call for Inquiries

(+66) 38 924 200

Delta Hydraulics (Thailand) Ltd.

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