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Delta Hydraulics Thailand Ltd has a modern 9,000 square metre manufacturing facility in Rayong Thailand and is a Thailand Board of Investment sponsored company. Established in 2013 the company is an international subsidiary of Delta Hydraulics Pty Ltd which was established over forty years ago. The group employs 115 people and is headquartered in Australia.

Delta Hydraulics is a world leading manufacturer and innovator of double-acting and single-acting multi-stage telescopic cylinders and hoists, industrial single stage rod hydraulic cylinders in both single-acting and double-acting designs, constant velocity telescoping cylinders, annular ported double acting telescoping feed cylinders and manifolds.

Delta Hydraulics Thailand supplies product to a range of customers and specialises in providing OEM product and troubleshooting engineering services for Caterpillar in Thailand.

Export Driven

Delta has supplied hydraulic cylinders and related products to over 2,000 customers in more than 30 countries, across the industry segments of transport, waste management, mining, power generation, agriculture, aquaculture, defence, construction, earthmoving, energy, food and beverage processing, forestry, oil and gas exploration, materials-handling and ship-building.

World Leading Innovator

Delta Hydraulics was founded by John White who remains the owner of the company and its CEO. Led by John, Delta has a long history of innovation:

John invented the unitary construction of telescopic cylinder stages and has perfected this manufacturing process. This eliminates unreliable gland nuts or base plugs from the product and extends its life.

Delta was also the first telescopic cylinder manufacturer to hard chrome plate the cylinder stages.

Delta also developed the twin-lip seal and the use of a flapped wiper on telescopic cylinders which reduces and eliminates contamination such as dust and moisture from entering the cylinder, thereby increasing its life.

Delta has developed a world leading proprietary chrome treatment technology, that provides hard chrome corrosion protection that is more than 100 times the standard set by leading OEMs.

With a strategy focused on manufacturing techniques, innovation, re-investment in improved capital equipment and quality, Delta Hydraulics operates some of the most advanced technology available, including the largest friction welder in the southern hemisphere and the world's first horizontal reciprocating chrome plating machine.

Quality Driven

Delta is an Australian Accredited Supplier with ISO 9001:2015 certification. In 2016, Delta gained AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 certification underpinned by a 6 Sigma operating system.

Flexible to Customer Needs

Delta's competitive advantage in the global hydraulic market is its sophisticated in-house design, engineering and end-to-end manufacturing capability that enables the company to provide rapid and flexible design, engineering and manufacture and deliver precision quality product to our customers, that meets their requirements, whether it is a one-off project or high production volume OEM product.

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Delta Hydraulics (Thailand) Ltd.

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