Chrome Technology

Delta-C is Delta Hydraulics' world leading proprietary ceramic densifying chrome hardening treatment, that provides hard chrome corrosion protection that is more than 100 times the standard set by leading OEMs.

Hard chrome is commonly used in hydraulic piston rods to provide corrosion and wear resistance but due to its porosity corrosive fluids and contaminants can penetrate the chrome and cause it to debond from the substrate.

Delta-C treatment eliminates this porosity and micro-cracking by sealing the pores and fissures in the chrome and bonding with it to provide an extremely hard smooth surface. Corrosives and contaminants can no longer penetrate the chrome to cause damage.

Delta-C delivers the following advantages:

  • Increased chrome life - over 100 times
  • Increased bond strength of plating
  • No measurable build up on plating
  • Increased seal life
  • Tolerant to flexing and bending

Hydraulic cylinders incorporating Delta-C treatment components have applications where the hydraulic cylinders need to operate in harsh environments such as:

  • Underground mining
  • Coastal areas
  • Marine environments
  • Dusty or abrasive environments
  • Environments where there is exposure to corrosive chemicals

Delta-C treated hydraulic rods have been subjected to 10,000 hours of salt spray testing with no visible corrosion recorded.

Delta-C application is carried out in our Australian manufacturing facility by highly skilled professional personnel specifically trained in the proprietary procedure.

Horizontal Chrome Plating Machine